Darryl Council.

My love and passion is movement. With a life long back ground in martial arts, a 8 year career in the US Marine Corps, as well as countless years of self study in meditation, mindfulness, and stretching traditions; I have designed my own training style around one main principle: FREEDOM. Freedom of movement, ease of movement, mastery of the body and a deep understanding of the mind and awareness are my "goals". That being said, I am a process oriented individual; one who recognizes that goals will be achieved in their own time and that focusing too hard on the end product can sometimes make you miss all of the beauty and knowledge that comes from each step of the journey.

My approach to physical fitness is body weight oriented. My goal is to teach you how to feel your body, move your body, and thus understand your body from experience. My programs are designed to give you incredible strength and mobility from any position you happen to find yourself in and teach you the concepts that can lead to an expansion in all other areas of your life.



Canfit Pro certified
Primal Health Coach certified
BS Health and Wellness




I always get an incredible workout, and have significantly increased my strength and mobility..

- Leah M- Halifax

I’ve been attending personal training sessions with Darryl for almost a year.  I always get an incredible workout, and have significantly increased my strength and mobility.  Every workout is different and challenging.  I’ve learned numerous new exercises many just using my own body weight.  I continue to look forward to my workouts with Darryl, he is very motivating, knowledgeable and dedicated.  Thankfully, Darryl was recommended to me and I have continued to recommended him to my friends and colleagues.

I always leave my sessions feeling happy, refreshed, and thankfully tired..

- Kathy L- Halifax

I would like to thank Darryl for sticking by me, through all my stuff, adapting my program and training to what I need on a particular day.  I always leave my sessions feeling happy, refreshed, and thankfully tired.  I know I did work!  Training with Darryl is fun! His flexibility and creativity gives me something to look forward to each time I have a session because there are new and interesting things to try.  I succeed because he succeeded with me.  He is genuine and committed.  I have every faith that he is capable of creating inspiration and trust to lead anyone to succeed in their goals.

I fully recommend working with Darryl if you are bored of traditional training..

- Andy H- Dartmouth

Darryl provides a unique workout experience that is like nothing I have done before. His focus on movement, mobility, mindfulness has actually changed the way I think about exercise. By exploring movement and addressing limitations, my time spent training with Darryl resulted in me getting into the best shape of my life.  I fully recommend working with Darryl if you are bored of traditional training. His holistic approach will not only result in having your body feel better but your athletic performance will drastically improve. The best way I have heard Darryl describe his style is "3-dimensional yoga on 'steroids'". Brilliant and bang on!


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