Jerret Laycock.

In 2013, Jerret received his Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Acadia University. While at Acadia, he played Football for four years in multiple positions, helping the Axmen win back to back AUS championships! Jerret says being a staff member at Blended reminds him of the same type of teamwork necessary to be a great or championship caliber team. It takes trust, communication, commitment, and a lot of passion and grit. He has always been a big team player and is certainly proud to be a part of such a driven and hard-working team at Blended Athletics.

Jerret uses a wide variety of skills and techniques he learned throughout his strength and conditioning experience, athletic career, and nutrition degree, to create a safe and challenging training environment for anyone. He puts an early emphasis on mobility drills and unilateral exercises to develop a stable foundation for the long term athletic development towards greater body control, speed, and power production. Jerret constantly preaches the importance of nutrition and believes it is a crucial component to continued progress and helps achieve any physical goal. Jerret would say he is a great coach for the beginner and the experienced athlete alike.

Jerret’s pursuit of excellence is to never stop learning to become a great and wise mentor, coach, and athlete. He is driven by the constant need to grow and learn new skills that he can share with his clients and colleagues. Jerret has found that progress is like climbing a mountain - It is never easy, so you need to stay focused. There is always a chance to stumble and slide backwards, but the higher you continue to climb, the sweeter the view when you stop to look!



ABSc. Nutrition and Dietetics Degree from Acadia University
NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Range Conditioning Certification




The overall experience is fantastic,  Jerret is upbeat everyday and always organized in his planning of our workouts.

- Brad Sullivan

I am a professional MMA fighter and I had a few muscular imbalances when I first started. Jerret has helped me to almost completely eliminate the shoulder problems I have had as well as my weak ankle, which was also a chronic problem. The overall experience is fantastic,  Jerret is upbeat everyday and always organized in his planning of our workouts. I have notice considerable strength changes especially when applied to my sport. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get better quality of life or if you need any imbalances corrected.


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The value of working with a coach is more then being told what to pick up and put down. As a coach my role is to keep you consistent to motivate to educate and to hold you accountable to yourself.


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Pursuing excellence means doing the small things right. Day in and day out. The quote “how you do anything is how you do everything” sums it up well for me. Excellence is not something that you turn on and off depending on the task. Good enough’ is never good enough!


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My philosophy for training is that it should be fun and functional. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being part of someone’s journey as  they grow to love the gym and their workouts. I believe everyone can  benefit and most importantly enjoy working out once they’ve found the  right environment for them.


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For me, pursuing excellence is an ongoing, day by day, moment by moment endeavour. I frequently ask myself the question; am I working out of my highest ideals right now or being the best version of myself?