Don't eat right!

I have had my experiences with diets and “Nutrition Coaching” in the past but I wasn’t seeing results and was just left feeling hungry. After being connected with Jess she told me right away I was not eating enough, she listened to my goals and after making a few small changes I am seeing results and not feeling hungry. Small changes for lasting results.
— Helena

Jessica Roy.

I have always been passionate about fitness. I played varsity field hockey in university and that is when I realized how much nutrition impacted my performance, studying, and overall energy throughout the day. I was SUPER busy (2 jobs, full time science student, varsity athlete.... ugh). I completed my first degree in Science (chemistry and biology) at SMU where I wrote my thesis in lung inflammation. Then I did my second degree at MSVU in Human Nutrition (Dietetics).

I'm extremely passionate about helping people manage their weight by collaborating together to create goals & outcomes. My approach is client-centred and my advice is always evidence based. Along with weight management, I love sport nutrition more than anything else. I have created plans for National level olympic weight lifters, ultra-endurance marathon runners, boxers, cross fitters, and team sport athletes.



Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Applied Human Nutrition (Dietetics honours) Registered Dietitian




“I am guilty for trying fad diets and eating the minimum amount of calories to promote weight loss. I have always been athletic, involved with sport and ate relatively healthy. I have been working with Jess for the last few months and I have never felt better. Jess helped me understand the importance of timing around workouts, what foods are important for muscle growth/sustainability and what foods will help me perform to the best of my ability. Jess uses evidence based practice, promotes client centred care and is very passionate about sport and nutrition. If you are thinking about booking in with Jess, you will not regret it!

- Brittany


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