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It will change your life in ways you don’t realize!
— Jennifer Vey

Benefits of Personal Training.






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Ben Costigan

The value of working with a coach is more than being told what to pick up and put down. As a coach my role is to keep you consistent to motivate to educate and to hold you accountable to yourself.


Personal Trainer

Jerret Laycock

Jerret puts an early emphasis on mobility drills and unilateral exercises to develop a stable foundation for the long term athletic development towards greater body control, speed, and power production. 


Personal Trainer

Maggie Henderson

My philosophy for training is that it should be fun and functional.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than being part of someone’s journey as  they grow to love the gym and their workouts. I believe everyone can  benefit and most importantly enjoy working out once they’ve found the  right environment for them.


Personal Trainer

Sebastian Herrerias

I am a strength and conditioning coach with a background in martial arts and board sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing). Because of this background I am quite fond of rotational and balance exercises. I enjoy working with older adults and I firmly believe It is never too late to start working on your fitness.


Personal Trainer

Cody Blanchard

Pursuing excellence means doing the small things right. Day in and day out. The quote “how you do anything is how you do everything” sums it up well for me. Excellence is not something that you turn on and off depending on the task. Good enough’ is never good enough!


Personal Trainer

Darryl Council

For me, pursuing excellence is an ongoing, day by day, moment by moment endeavour. I frequently ask myself the question; am I working out of my highest ideals right now or being the best version of myself? 


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