Sebastian Herrerias.

To me pursuing excellence means never being satisfied for more than a day with your achievements and also pushing yourself to be a little bit better in all aspects of life each and every day. Excellence is a path to follow that ideally never ends.

I am a strength and conditioning coach with a background in martial arts and board sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing). Because of this background I am quite fond of rotational and balance exercises.I enjoy working with older adults and I firmly believe It is never too late to start working on your fitness. Years of labour or sitting at a desk takes its toll on an individual’s posture and joint range of motion. Developing the skills to reverse the effects of bad posture is something everyone can work on young or old. I am also Titleist Performance Institute certified and work with golfers to clean up their mobility, develop strength and power so they can put more yards on their ball.



B.A. Honours Anthropology -
University of Western Ontario
CanFit Pro Certified Trainer
YMCA Certified Personal Trainer
CPTN Certified Trainer
CrossFit Level One Trainer
Titleist Performance Institue Certified




Sebastian has an excellent approach to motivation and teaching.

- Brett Reynolds

Sebastian was my personal trainer for over 4 years.  During that time he taught me a great deal about keeping active and fit.  His training helped me to gain a great deal of strength and knowledge about how to train safely and effectively.  He was responsive to dealing with injuries and keeping my training program on track through recovery.  Most importantly, Sebastian has an excellent approach to motivation and teaching, and was fantastic about keeping me motivated and excited to continue improving my physical fitness throughout the entire time I was working with him.  Sebastian is an excellent trainer and a wonderful person to spend time with.

The best part about training with Sebastian is that he knows how much to challenge you..

- Jennifer Reynolds

I trained with Sebastian for approximately four years. During that time, I learned how to do things I never thought I could, and I became stronger and more confident.  Sebastian was always willing to modify my workouts to help me reach my goals outside of the gym, including running a half marathon and participating in a Spartan Race. Sebastian took genuine interest in all of my fitness goals and built plans that helped me reach them. The best part about training with Sebastian is that he knows how much to challenge you.  I always knew that if he asked me to try something new or to lift heavier weights, it was because he knew that I was capable of doing the work.  Sebastian's patience, knowledge and sense of humour make him a fantastic personal trainer.


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