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owner & coach

David Rafuse


At a young age I fell in love with fitness, then in my 20’s I fell in love with business. This duo led me to open Blended Athletics in 2013. During the initial 4 years in business Blended Athletics made some incredible strides, expanding in space all while growing an incredible community.  Then in 2018, I truly understood why I opened Blended Athletics.  It all happened while working on our attrition issues.  It blew me away how many people were walking through our doors looking for help and then just a few short months later would never be seen again. I pushed my team to try and find an answer. The obvious or maybe not so obvious reason was that we were not helping these new members. Yes, we have an awesome facility and some of the best coaches, and we continue to improve in both of those areas every year.

The answer to our attrition revolved around understanding why people walked into Blended Athletics in the first place. No matter what your current fitness level is we will encourage and assist you in reaching realistic goals to improve your health and your body but our talented team is here for much more. We have created a culture unlike anything you will find elsewhere.  Blended Athletics exists to help you find excellence in your personal, professional and social life. People come to Blended Athletics looking for fitness but they leave with so much more!

  • BSc Human Kinetics St Francis Xavier University

  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

  • Level 1 NCCP Theory

  • Level 1 NCCP Swimming

  • CPR+AED Certified


Director of Client Experience

Melanie Gallagher 

For me pursuing excellence is eating to perform for work, sport and family. That means eating enough food, that means eating healthy food and it also means treating ourselves to a couple meals on the weekend. Pursuing excellence in fitness is about being the best I can be wherever I am in my life. It’s not about being the best. Its about being our best!


Director of Operations

Kimberley Kidd

Pursuing excellence is a choice. And I choose to be better than I was yesterday, to make a difference and to inspire the people around me to want more than just a conventional life.


director of business development

Jason Davis

The pursuit of excellence is about being self aware enough to know what you truly want in life and to relentlessly chase it! For me it is chasing freedom. I love waking up everyday and having the choice to do what I want and what brings me joy!


Creative Director/Coach

Ryker Titus

To me the pursuit of excellence is endless, I’ll never stop learning and growing and pursuing the best version of myself. I hope that in the process I can help inspire others to do the same. I believe in pursuing excellence not only in the gym and while I’m coaching but in every aspect of life.



Danielle Allaire

Pursuing excellence is choosing to persist in the face of adversity rather than crumbling in defeat. I choose to allow myself and others to make mistakes - this is where the learning and growth happens. Embracing the uncomfortable and taking on challenges head on allows us to be and become the best version of ourselves in our pursuit of excellence.


LOFT Trainer

Darryl Council

For me, pursuing excellence is an ongoing, day by day, moment by moment endeavour. I frequently ask myself the question; am I working out of my highest ideals right now or being the best version of myself? 



Cody Blanchard

Pursuing excellence means doing the small things right. Day in and day out. The quote “how you do anything is how you do everything” sums it up well for me. Excellence is not something that you turn on and off depending on the task. Good enough’ is never good enough!





Max Westhead



Abbey Flinn



Mohsen Aghdam



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personal trainER

Maranda Mellish

My bio is coming soon! I can’t wait to share my story with you!


Personal Trainer

Jerret Laycock

Jerret’s pursuit of excellence is to never stop learning to become a great and wise mentor, coach, and athlete. He is driven by the constant need to grow and learn new skills that he can share with his clients and collogues.


Personal Trainer

Maggie Henderson

My philosophy for training is that it should be fun and functional. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being part of someone’s journey as  they grow to love the gym and their workouts. I believe everyone can  benefit and most importantly enjoy working out once they’ve found the  right environment for them.


Personal Trainer

Sebastian Herrerias

To me pursuing excellence means never being satisfied for more than a day with your achievements and also pushing yourself to be a little bit better in all aspects of life each and every day. Excellence is a path to follow that ideally never ends.




digital design / digital strategy

Vish Purgass

photography / IT

Adam Bowes


Chelle Wotten


We believe in providing nothing but the best for our clients and our community. We seek out the best coaches and trainers in the industry… and you can find them all here, at Blended Athletics. So come on in and meet the team!